This marks my final day at working in public service.  I had the very good fortune to work as an appointed citizen to an appeals panel in the province.   Previous service included my career as a police officer, a Chief Bylaw Officer and as a Coordinator of Emergency Communications in Alberta cities.

I am very much nonpartisan in my values, yet became a casualty  to changing political realms.  The 'system' reeked of unpleasant, uncoordinated, unnecessary and unfathomable processes that provided a very blunt and effective message. 

I think of myself as 'seasoned' in life, which can mean the experiences of an older person to many.  ... Yes I am older, but I have been very privileged to work with other seasoned people - both older and younger in years.    All have been wonderful friends and teachers in this part of the course.  I absolutely enjoyed and was motivated with my role.  I knew I provided great value with the diversity of experience I brought with me.

I look at this as Day 1, in a new chapter in the life of a entrepreneur or more appropriately, a solopreneur.  Future posts will expand on these new horizons ... and will pay tribute to those lessons learned in past experiences.