"Attention - This is officer Jason Clarke from the Canada Revenue Agency ..."   CLICK.

That is as far as these calls (with or without call display) will get with me.  I have received many similar calls in the past and know of many others who get them.  The CRA advises they are rampant, and relates some information on dealing with such calls.  They attempt to investigate and  identify the perpetrators.  No CRA agent will contact you in such a manner.

What to look for?  What to say?

There are so many spinoffs and versions of the noted scam.  You will find much literature providing instruction to prevent you falling victim.  I will provide some tips in future posts.

Firstly, this particular call was obviously a recording - thus my immediate reaction and putting my mind back to business.  Deal with it and forget about it.  If there was a real need for someone to contact me from the CRA, there would likely be some official type of correspondence received in the mails or at least a real person on the other end of the line, I could pose the W5 type questions.

Never - Never - Never part with any personal information ... or readily confirm information some caller may provide.  There are all sorts of sources out there that they use to make some 'fish hook' story.

Another line I use in receipt of calls - and in talking to a real person after getting a sense of their real intention is "IS THIS A TELEPHONE SOLICITATION? Callers are mostly sincere after talking about being in the rug business and being in your area - or the like and readily admit the purpose of the call as a business solicitation.   Many 'English as a Second Language' telemarketers from some toll free number on the other side of the world do not understand the question.  Either way both conversations are terminated quickly with a polite comment that "we do not entertain telephone solicitations."

Some may think this rude - I believe it to be just taking care of MAB.