COF came about many years ago as I was a 'seasoned' police veteran.  The meaning took immediate hold as I intuitively knew I went from COP to COF.

We all tend to be COF's at various times.  Cynical Old Farts

Image result for cynical old cop     Thank you Kevin!

Mr. James most often portrays a very stable happy character.   And, we like to think of ourselves being the same - but we all know there are those times ...  we are infected with a COF.

Future posts in "This weeks COF" will be an assortment of stories and thoughts, … not just from the perspective of a retired COP but as someone who has experienced other aspects of life.  Some stories will be sad.  Some funny.  And some you may relate to directly as you have 'been there and done that' and then there will be stories you may have thoughts - glad that wasn't me. 

My hope is that you find some nuggets and are entertained by my ramblings.